Little Apocalypse   (October 1997)

By Wendy Battin

ISBN: 0-912592-40-0

Little Apocalypse is the winner of the 1997 Richard Snyder Publication Prize.

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  • Review in Notre Dame Review, by Jere Odell
  • Review in Houston Chronicle by Robert Phillips

Wendy Battin doesn't look to nature for metaphors; she looks to it as metaphor.  I would say she has a deeply religious imagination, if that adjective weren't now suspect; let me say, instead, that she is, at her best, a quintessentially American poet.  She has her eye on origins and ends.

- J.D. McClatchy, The Hudson Review

Amid the incoherence of things, between the coarse lines of dissolution, after our last photogenic war, the "fever-vivid" language of Wendy Battin's Little Apocalypse threads between lucidity and lyricism, surface and depth to the very fovea of the song.  An exquisite collection.

- C.D. Wright

Wendy Battin's poems are the waking dreams of a physicist: elegant, pure, accurate as light.  But hers is a human physics, in which the emotional dimension is as present as the intellectual.  The language of Little Apocalypse is meditative and playful, while never abandoning the rigor of reason.  Wendy Battin is a brilliant poet.

- Pamela Alexander

About the Author

Battin's first book, In the Solar Wind, was a National Poetry Series selection from Doubleday. Winner of the Discovery, The Nation Award, grants from the National Endowment of the Arts, and the Ingram Merrill Foundation, she lives in Mystic, CT, where she teaches at Connecticut College and serves as director of the Contemporary American Poetry Archive.

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