McGovern New and Selected Series

The Robert McGovern New and Selected Series

The Robert McGovern New and Selected Series showcases volumes of new and selected poetry by authors who have published multiple books of poetry. The series is established in memory of Robert McGovern, poet, professor, co-founder of the Ashland Poetry Press, and long-time chair of the English Department at Ashland University.

Submission Guidelines:

Manuscripts are submitted by nomination through our editorial board. Authors who have published multiple books and are ready to showcase their work in a volume of new and selected poems may also query the press to be considered for the McGovern New and Selected Series.

The McGovern New and Selected nominating panel currently consists of the press's editorial board:

  • Abeer Abdel-Hafez
  • Marilyn Chin
  • Mauricio Espinoza
  • Angie Estes
  • Deborah Fleming
  • Annie Finch
  • Alice Fulton
  • Eamon Grennan
  • William Heyen
  • Andrew Hudgins
  • Richard Jackson
  • John Kinsella
  • Gerry LaFemina
  • Robert Phillips
  • Ruth L. Schwartz
  • Enid Shomer
  • Marcia Southwick
  • Elizabeth Spires
  • Natasha Trethewey
  • Gregory Wolfe

Vern Rustsala and Philip Levine were former members of our editorial board.

Former McGovern Prize

The McGovern Prize was formerly awarded to poets over 40 who have published no more than one book. This prize series has been folded into our New and Selected Series.

Former McGovern Prize Winners:

  • Laura Van Prooyen, 2014 for Our House Was on Fire
  • Catherine Staples, 2012 for The Rattling Window
  • Robert Grunst, 2011 for Blue Orange
  • Christine Gelineau, 2009 Editor's Choice, for Appetite for the Divine
  • Elizabeth Biller Chapman, 2008 for Light Thickens
  • Michael Miller, 2007 Editor's Choice, for The Joyful Dark
  • Nathalie F. Anderson, 2005 for Crawlers
  • Maria Terrone, 2005 for A Secret Room in Fall
  • A.V. Christie, 2004 for The Housing
  • Jerry Harp, 2004 for Gatherings

Ashland Poetry Press adheres to the CLMP code of ethics. Close friends, family members, current or past students of the editors (or Snyder Judge) are all ineligible for publication. 


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