New York City Subway Poems / Poemas del metro de Nueva York, The   (June 2020)

By Carlos Aguasaco

ISBN: 978-0-912592-85-5

About the Author

CARLOS AGUASACO [Bogota, 1975] is one of the central figures of the new Hispanic
American Poetry in the US. He is an Associate Professor of Latin American Cultural
Studies at the City College of New York (CUNY). He has edited eleven literary
Anthologies, published six books of poems, a short novel, and an academic study of Latin America’s prime superhero: El Chapulín Colorado

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Praise for The New York City Subway Poems 

Carlos Aguasaco’s poetry collection renders a voice to the next immigrants’ wave, the latest nomads of our world, those that daily ride the subway and continuously reshape the metropolis. In this bilingual collection the poet emphasizes the migrant experience and daringly reveal a lyrical itinerary through the City of New York.

- Juan Armando Rojas Joo
Transborder Poet (Mexico/US) and Prof. Ohio Wesleyan University


The poetic language of Carlos Aguasaco is familiar, fluid, and thoughtful. His work is founded on several sensible, personal myths: some declared and others hidden with great discretion and skill. His poetry reveals him as a wounded, yet defiant poet, master of a layered tongue, far from conventional or traditional styles.

- Ahmad Alshahawy

Egyptian poet and Editor of Nesf El Donya (Al Ahram)

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