Late Summer's Origami    (May 2020)

By Heather Hallberg Yanda

ISBN:  9780912592725

Newly released by Heather Hallberg Yanda!

Available at: Amazon | Small Press Distribution

About the author:

A graduate of Western Michigan University’s MFA program in Poetry, Heather Hallberg Yanda teaches at Alfred University, in the hills of Western New York.  She has published poems in such journals as The Able Muse, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Dalhousie Review, Silk Road, and Tulane Review.

Praise for Late Summer's Origami:

We find in the formalist and free verse poems of Heather Hallberg Yanda’s Late Summer’s Origami the careful perceptions of a close observer who sees beyond the material into the realm of the spirit. This collection opens and closes with sonnets that celebrate the beauty of everyday experience. Moving a plant to the window, for example, is an act of reverence. In “The Thin Slice of Apple,” the horizon betrays by moving farther away while the moon remains constant. “In the Brilliance” takes us inside the mind where neurosurgeons map “the fine boundary between brain//and mind” and the “sacred path/leading to memory’s archives.” Even as we are sure these poems are grounded in this world, we are transported to another one where “eternity’s gift” is the “bread of thought.” – Deborah Fleming

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