Drift Migration   (December 2021)

By Danielle Beazer Dubrasky

ISBN: 978-0-912592-95-4

poetry  utah  virginia  myth 

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Danielle Dubrasky has ventured into the heart of a truly American secret: that landscape is both childhood and origin—but eternally revised, eternally revisited. In Drift Migration, chance and fate together weather the earth into a new mind. These are urgent poems, mindful yet wonderfully reckless in their bold devotion.

—Donald Revell, White Campion and Drought-Adapted Vine

 Drift Migration walks the trails and swims the inlets of grief and healing. From poems that reanimate Danielle Dubrasky’s past through the story of Eurydice and other myths, and her attention to the natural world and its ability to heal, she faces losses of those she has loved: her brother, lovers, friends, and her childhood self in lush Virginia where she grew up. A sudden move to Utah and its mysterious and stark landscape eventually opens a door for her to move forward, slowly falling in love with the desert’s erosions, ancient seas, and buried past. These poems brim with a wild energy that keeps us reading, pulled into Dubrasky’s deep connection to myth, nature, and landscape, like a gentle undertow. The writing is just beautiful.

—Nancy Takacs, The Worrier Poems, Juniper Prize Winner

 Brooding, Bible-stained, and liminal, the best poems in Danielle Dubrasky’s Drift Migration hover between the visible and invisible, myth and reality, and transform our lives through vision. She finds throughout the canyons and cairns of the desert, auguries, hieroglyphs, and lost footsteps—luminous conduits of reconciliation. Please revel within the Genesis of “The Sandman” and the haunting, domestic vision of “Circadian.”

—Mark Irwin, Shimmer, The Philip Levine Prize for Poetry

 In Drift Migration, Danielle Dubrasky guides readers on a moving journey through deserts alive with dreamy flowers, toward preserved petroglyphs, and into haunted landscapes that help us admire time moving and myths marked with scars. She celebrates lovers, storytellers, and children who have never heard rain. These poems coax us to join the singed moths that chase constellations and bravely take us back to honor every place we think we’ve lost. They leave us too stunned to speak.

—Juan J. Morales, The Handyman’s Guide to End Times

 About the Author

Danielle Beazer Dubrasky received an MA in English/Creative Writing from Stanford University and her PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Utah. She has been nominated three times for a Pushcart Prize and twice for Best New Poets, and she is a three-time winner of the Utah Original Writing Competition for poetry. Her poems were published in a limited-edition art book Invisible Shores by Red Butte Press of the University of Utah. Originally from Virginia, she lives in Cedar City, Utah, homeland of the Utah Cedar Band of Paiutes. She teaches poetry at Southern Utah University and directs the Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values as well as annual Eco-Poetry and the Essay Conference.

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