Asking the Names   (January 2017)

By Michael Miller

ISBN: 978-0-912592-91-6

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Including his debut poetry collection with the Ashland Poetry Press, The Joyful Dark, Michael Miller has published seven other collections. This latest publication includes heartfelt selections that reflect on aging and longstanding relationships, plus a section which pays tribute to patients at Water Reed Military Medical Center. 

Praise for Michael Miller's Asking the Names 

I read Michael Miller’s poems with great pleasure in their accurate seeing, their assured phrasing, their true and proportionate feeling.
-Richard Wilbur

Michael Miller’s poems are finely tuned meditations on nature, war, city life, and growing old. The recurring theme of love, the cycles of light and darkness, of fear and hope, of life and death, echo from poem to poem. One realizes reading these poems that one must climb to get into the light, that certainty is uncertain.
-Gary Lee Entsminger

Michael Miller’s poetry addresses the nuances of this contradictory world. In Asking the Names his empathy embraces the pain of soldiers and the poignant lives of the elderly. Most moving, perhaps, is when he writes about enduring love. Miller’s poems, each expertly wrought, are radiant.
- Nikia Leopold

About the Author

Michael Miller’s first book The Joyful Dark, was the Editor’s Choice winner of the McGovern Prize at The Ashland Poetry Press. His poems have appeared in The Sewanee Review, The Kenyon Review, Raritan, The New Republic, The Southern Review, and The Yale Review. Darkening the Grass, his third book, was a “Must Read 2013” selection of The Massachusetts Book Award. His poem, “The Different War,” was the 2014 First Prize winner of the W.B. Yeats Society Poetry Award, and anthologized in Yeats 150 (Lilliput Press, Dublin). Born in 1940, Michael Miller served in the Marine Corps from 1958 to 1962. He lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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