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The Ashland Poetry Press has grown tremendously in the twenty years since we founded the annual Richard Snyder Publication Prize, awarded to the best book-length manuscript of poems submitted to the press. Of the 20books published in the series to date, two books placed in national competitions for prestigious book prizes. Vern Rutsala’s The Moment’s Equation was a finalist for the 2005 National Book Award. Another Snyder Prize winner, Christine Gelineau’s Remorseless Loyalty, was nominated by David St. John for a 2006 Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Another book published outside of the Snyder series, Kathryn Winograd’s Air into Breath, was co-winner of the 2003 Colorado Book Award in Poetry.

In 2004 the Ashland Poetry Press established a second book series, the Robert McGovern Publication Prize, awarded to poets over 40 years of age who have published no more than one book. Ten books have appeared in the series to date. Manuscripts for the McGovern Prize are considered by nomination only from a panel of renowned American poets and editors, including  Alice Fulton, Robert Phillips, Carolyn Forche, Annie Finch, William Heyen, Andrew Hudgins, Gregory Wolfe, Eamon Grennan, John Kinsella, Richard Jackson, and Gerry LaFemina.

APP has grown in other ways too. The founding of the Ashland University MFA in Creative Writing Program has allowed the English Department to hire a full-time administrative director who will also serve as Managing Editor of the poetry press. Our books are also now nationally distributed by Small Press Distribution and by Atlas Books.

We are now in a new era in which we are addressing the long-term needs of the press. One of our long-term goals is to establish an endowment to support the press far into the future. Since the press was founded in 1969, we have never previously approached friends of APP with a request for contributions. We hope your passion for the literary arts will motivate you to give. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Ashland Poetry Press so we may build upon nearly half a century long of of publishing beautiful books.

- Deborah Fleming, Editor and Director

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